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Reviewed by on 2017-05-10

Needed help clearing out all the construction leftover from the recent bedroom renovation. I wanted all that gone urgently so I quickly checked the first several rubbish removal providers I stumbled upon in Google. Decided to call these lads, which turned out to be a good choice. They arrived very quickly and within a half and hour all the rubbish was gone. I will probably call them again when there's some garbage to be disposed of.

Reviewed by on 2017-03-28

I did some major remodeling and at the end I needed a professional house clearance. Called Rubbish Removal London and they came the same day. In my opinion they were a little bit too noisy but after all did what they came for. It was an OK service.

Reviewed by on 2016-09-08

I will definitely use their old furniture disposal service again. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by on 2016-06-28

Hired them to clear all my garden's green waste that's been irritating my view for over two weeks now. What can I say - good service and reasonable prices.

Reviewed by on 2016-04-30

Thank you to Danny and the crew for doing a great job at all of our renovations. You make things easier to manage, and it allows us to complete our renovations faster.

Reviewed by on 2015-10-06

We had a house with three floors of stuff that kids had broken into and ransacked causing a big mess. The guys from Rubbish Removal London worked very hard and very quickly to help us get the house cleaned up and the junk moved out. A company that I will hire again for sure!

Reviewed by on 2015-08-27

Rubbish Removal London Ltd. gave us an affordable price, was on time, and did everything they said they would. I was very pleased.

Reviewed by on 2013-09-20

The price and timing was good but the rubbish collection service itself could have been better. They did some cleaning once they completed the job, but there was still some fair amount of dust and oilish spot left in my garage. Therefore my rating...

Reviewed by on 2010-09-26

Just wanted to say that I had two of your guys over here today. They did an excellent job in record time. I went down to check on them and they were wrapping it up! I would definitely recommend you to people and will use your waste disposal service in London again. Great Job!

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